Wednesday, 3 March 2010

2nd post

Hello my second ever post!!!!!

Well wen I initially wrote the blog it was only 4 aashna Vicki and eve to read it but by the next two days more than a couple of people have read and I have had much delightful feedback apart from ROSA {understandably}. She however did disagreed with whatever I said whereas ever ven though they didn’t agree seemed to find it somewhat amusing. However basia did quite forceful remind me that I had to write it in better English for those of u who couldn’t read my slangy language. For which I do apologise.

It was a pleasant surprise when everyone kind of forced me into writing another blog but in fact I am kinda scared because it might be crap so don’t be too expectant{ that’s for you habin and Yanloi and Vicki}. Well I was pondering over what my next post should be about and I decided on pedos due to the recent news articles I have read but it turns out there is more to the oh so wonderful couple the dear “coles”

I just exploded when I saw this article and I felt the urge to write about this article I read on daily mail.


I mean wot the hell is her problem she had no bloody respect for herself. She’s a woman who everyone man wants to be but no no no she has to slide back to Ashley every time.

I was so proud of her when she said no I have had enough but wot the hell she apparently CONSIDERING to have him back after counselling.

I mean she’s been pictured with this americnan dancer why cant she just stick to him, although he isn’t very good looking either. I mean I swear I would not even forgive her if she decided to take him back. I mean the john terry incident and his wife taking him back was kinda acceptable because it was his first time{ correct me rosa if I am wrong} ALTHOUGH IS STILL BLOODING CHEATING is acceptable for forgiveness because it was the first time. Plus Cheryl HOW BEAUTIFUL IS SHE ????? why would anyone want to cheat on her.

AND to be honest I would really be surprised if it was the other way coz she is the pretty one out of the couple but wot the hell is ashley’s problem give me one good reason why he would cheat on her??????

Apparently they are gunna attend counselling and he has agreed to go to sex rehab which is a load of crap. He is like in the same position as tigerwoods who also by the way I hate. ASHLEY I CAN FORGIVE but TIGERWOODS I BLOOODY HATE HIM I SWEAR TO GOD I WOULD JUST BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!!!!!!! TIGERWOODS HAS KIDS AS WELL.

Anyways I believe Ashley should do a public apology for the grief he has caused.

i am not much of a football fan but i but i well respect the manager for all his strict decisions on wot he believed was right, stripping terry of captainacy lol

now my rant is over ..... tell me wot u think

Friday, 26 February 2010

First post !!!!


Well being the one who tell all the gossip, even though i currently have none i feel i ought to write something of the first day of my blogs

well currently on the news which are less know even if they arent that important just for the sake of writing something......

current affairs

1. well u now the infamous split of ashley and cheryl. Just to clarify i am team cheryl all the way. i mean what kind of audacity does he have to cheat on her. i mean she's pretty loving and famous. apparently he is blaming her mother for living with them and the lack of sex. BUT WOT THE HELL. they live in a bloody 8 or 9 bedroom house its not as if she is in the room next door to them.

ya i can understand the mother can be annoying but wot the hell, u bloody footballers think you can sleep with anyone and get a way with it.

well guess again


chelsea arent doing very well are they?????

two top players caught is affair scandals lol!!!

i am liverpool supporter so i am fine!!!

i mean its like its soooo ovb that everyone is gunna suppotr cheryl because she could have easily done the same to him but she hasnt and i think its good on her to get out of the marriage while she has the chance

because if she didnt dump him now she would have lost all the respect and COME ON!!!!

she has many guys trying to chat her i mean shes already found an AMERICAN boy lol

hes a dance personally i dnt think hes fit but shesjust getting started on the whole dating thing so ya !!!!

well i guess her move to america wont be sooo hard after all.

i mean its similar scenario to katie and peter

cause like basically with everyone behind peter she goes further by digging her self a hole by going partying getting married to a cage fighter and then going on to straighten her daughters hair as well as making her wear fake eyelashes.

i bet you by the time PRINCESS is fifteen she will have cosmetic surgery!!!!


i just hope peter gets the custody and cheryl gets her self a good man.

ahhh that was all a relief to get it out



I have finally given in !!!

well as you probably know i have finally given into vicki's evil ways and she basically created me this blog.

its quite fun because i cna just type randamo stuff lol GUNNA BE FUN

however i do pe warn its basically celeb goss and me very opiniontated will put forward my views

would be nice to hear from all of you what you think

see the problem with this is that i always know some of the news waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy after everyone

well from now on i will try and keep on top lol

have fun


Hey, I love my best friend Vicki and she is amaazing.

I love to gossip and this is a celeb-gossip blog.