Wednesday, 3 March 2010

2nd post

Hello my second ever post!!!!!

Well wen I initially wrote the blog it was only 4 aashna Vicki and eve to read it but by the next two days more than a couple of people have read and I have had much delightful feedback apart from ROSA {understandably}. She however did disagreed with whatever I said whereas ever ven though they didn’t agree seemed to find it somewhat amusing. However basia did quite forceful remind me that I had to write it in better English for those of u who couldn’t read my slangy language. For which I do apologise.

It was a pleasant surprise when everyone kind of forced me into writing another blog but in fact I am kinda scared because it might be crap so don’t be too expectant{ that’s for you habin and Yanloi and Vicki}. Well I was pondering over what my next post should be about and I decided on pedos due to the recent news articles I have read but it turns out there is more to the oh so wonderful couple the dear “coles”

I just exploded when I saw this article and I felt the urge to write about this article I read on daily mail.


I mean wot the hell is her problem she had no bloody respect for herself. She’s a woman who everyone man wants to be but no no no she has to slide back to Ashley every time.

I was so proud of her when she said no I have had enough but wot the hell she apparently CONSIDERING to have him back after counselling.

I mean she’s been pictured with this americnan dancer why cant she just stick to him, although he isn’t very good looking either. I mean I swear I would not even forgive her if she decided to take him back. I mean the john terry incident and his wife taking him back was kinda acceptable because it was his first time{ correct me rosa if I am wrong} ALTHOUGH IS STILL BLOODING CHEATING is acceptable for forgiveness because it was the first time. Plus Cheryl HOW BEAUTIFUL IS SHE ????? why would anyone want to cheat on her.

AND to be honest I would really be surprised if it was the other way coz she is the pretty one out of the couple but wot the hell is ashley’s problem give me one good reason why he would cheat on her??????

Apparently they are gunna attend counselling and he has agreed to go to sex rehab which is a load of crap. He is like in the same position as tigerwoods who also by the way I hate. ASHLEY I CAN FORGIVE but TIGERWOODS I BLOOODY HATE HIM I SWEAR TO GOD I WOULD JUST BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!!!!!!! TIGERWOODS HAS KIDS AS WELL.

Anyways I believe Ashley should do a public apology for the grief he has caused.

i am not much of a football fan but i but i well respect the manager for all his strict decisions on wot he believed was right, stripping terry of captainacy lol

now my rant is over ..... tell me wot u think


  1. hi can u please comment

    and also i like cheryl but i do have some rants about her too. just that i am pro cheryl on this matter, just to let everyone no where i stand

  2. if u look at the articled hover over daily mail and click takes directly to article or use this

  3. She’s a woman who everyone man wants to be

    LOL haha i know you meant be with but that was funny ;)

  4. LOLLOLL i love how you comment yourslef first! LOL

  5. no no forgot to put in my blog bit but did know hw to change !!!!!

    oh crap did i write that !!!!

  6. Kassy, why ae you following yourself? lol . This was funny :)

  7. Lol, you can edit your post.
    and lol aashna, i followd myself! ://

  8. ermm i dont quite no hw i did

    i am knew you guys have to teach me

    and i wanna follow others

    tell me everyones address

  9. ahahahah thats funny

    i only have 7 :(

    well i cant be arsed !!!!to chnge that is

  10. just go to everyone's whos commented, click and their blog should come up.

  11. "She’s a woman who everyone man wants to be"


    kasthuri! you say you need better english in the first bit BUT read over it out load becuase have of it doesnt even make sense! jeez woman x

  12. lol annie thats coz i got soooo passionate about this i completely forgot

    tomoz basia is gunna kill me but oh well

  13. I still dislike Cheryl Cole, it's almost like she's trying (but oh so horribly failing) at doing a Lady Gaga and being all fashion crazy and wooo, that CD dress was oh so bad, I saw the rest of the collection, she so could have chosen something else. And all her music video's are like people prancing round in underwear with fabric round their heads, sorry but only Gaga can pull that off.

    Kassy there is a spell check when you write you blog, it's quite useful, trust me I have to use it a lot

    Te he, you so have to be posting like everyday, your blog is way to addictive! I keep re-reading, seriously kassy at this rate your up for internet stardom!

    Ooo and have you done the drama yet?


  14. hhaha well gaga is funny she is like my entertainement system i mean i can understand why you and vicki like her fashion sense coz she is sooo outrageous and i like her music

    its just soemtimes i feel she is a little ott

    but i do get wot u mean wen cheryl does a gaga wen she weears weird clothes

    like the minnie mouse outfit

    that was like WTF

    i am doing drama now !!!!!

  15. Lol, you are so funny Kassy :D

    Cheryl Cole is sooooooo annoying. And she can't sing and her songs suck!

    'She’s a woman who everyone man wants to be'


  16. Gaga is very funny, she amuses me, but the poor thing works to hard, and I never appreciate her constant love of wearing clothes that make her look like she has a frontal wedgie. Its just not nice.

    Omg Drama is driving me crazy, I'm literally writing whats on that little sheet and just filling in the blanks


  17. hahaah loli know i wrote that sentence its meant to say every man wants to be with her.

    yaya well my darama essay is gunna be bad but i will rewrite

  18. we found this very very entertaining, your blog is excellent! ill recommend in next post yeuhhhh (: love from yanloi and habin x
    and yanloi says kassy is my hero!

  19. kassy you dont understand how much of a legend you are, PLEASE PLEASE do more posts more often

  20. Oh hell, Peter Crouch is coming on.
    The decision on JT? Nothing to do with Cashley love, completely different story.
    And good decision? England are currently behind 1-0 to Egypt, in London, so yes I think the managers decision was perfect...

    Anyway, Kas, you might soon figure that the less you write about football the less I will complain. If it weren't for the comment at the end I might not have even bothered to comment.
    But, maybe Cheryl wants to get back with him cos she loves him? Is that possible?

    On the bit you wanted me to correct you... Yes it was his first time (I'll stick up for JT over I would Ashley) but he was doing it for over 4 months (and with his best mates ex), whereas Ashley's was just a one night stand. Though you are right, like Why would he cheat on her?? Except, she's not all that nice to him a...nd all... You gotta feel sorry for him, he's only a footballer - they're not blessed with all that many brain cells.And Toni Poole is way prettier than Cheryl Cole, in my opinion. She's lovely. Oooh, eve that reminds me, I need to send you that link! x


  21. :) wow i featured in you blog. very happy :D

    tip number one:
    Read through your post before you post it to check for spelling mistakes.

    tip no. two will follow :)

    love you kassy you make me laugh so much!

  22. habin and yanloi that was very nice of you guys

    you two give some of the nicest comments and i really appreciate it

    thank you two !!!!!

  23. basia that was very nice of you to say that i make you laugh since i am really not a funny person

    more serious- thats probably wot u know me for

  24. rosa rosa rosa!!!!!

    well this was by no way intending to offend actually quite the opposite

    and wot the hell why are they losing to egypt


    well i do like cappellos strictness thats all

    just saying cheryl has no self respect thats all, JT was just an add in not main story

    ermm btw is toni poole JT wfe coz if so i dnt think she is that pretty at all but i have only seen a few pics

  25. Yo I read somewhere that ashley and cheryl were 'staying good friends'....

    so good for them?

  26. vicki thinks im a huge twilight fan, evidently.

    Anyway, "Anyways I believe Ashley should do a public apology for the grief he has caused."
    how much grief has he caused you?

    surely the only person he's caused any grief to is cheryl cole, therefore why should his apology be public?