Friday, 26 February 2010

First post !!!!


Well being the one who tell all the gossip, even though i currently have none i feel i ought to write something of the first day of my blogs

well currently on the news which are less know even if they arent that important just for the sake of writing something......

current affairs

1. well u now the infamous split of ashley and cheryl. Just to clarify i am team cheryl all the way. i mean what kind of audacity does he have to cheat on her. i mean she's pretty loving and famous. apparently he is blaming her mother for living with them and the lack of sex. BUT WOT THE HELL. they live in a bloody 8 or 9 bedroom house its not as if she is in the room next door to them.

ya i can understand the mother can be annoying but wot the hell, u bloody footballers think you can sleep with anyone and get a way with it.

well guess again


chelsea arent doing very well are they?????

two top players caught is affair scandals lol!!!

i am liverpool supporter so i am fine!!!

i mean its like its soooo ovb that everyone is gunna suppotr cheryl because she could have easily done the same to him but she hasnt and i think its good on her to get out of the marriage while she has the chance

because if she didnt dump him now she would have lost all the respect and COME ON!!!!

she has many guys trying to chat her i mean shes already found an AMERICAN boy lol

hes a dance personally i dnt think hes fit but shesjust getting started on the whole dating thing so ya !!!!

well i guess her move to america wont be sooo hard after all.

i mean its similar scenario to katie and peter

cause like basically with everyone behind peter she goes further by digging her self a hole by going partying getting married to a cage fighter and then going on to straighten her daughters hair as well as making her wear fake eyelashes.

i bet you by the time PRINCESS is fifteen she will have cosmetic surgery!!!!


i just hope peter gets the custody and cheryl gets her self a good man.

ahhh that was all a relief to get it out




  1. LOL. This blog post made me laugh cause I was reading it in my head with your voice! I love how you go "so ya" ahha.

    --> I wouldn't write Kingston as your hometown btw.... Just write London.

  2. lol so i will change that then !!!!!

    well i will be doing more that then

  3. Good good, btw did you get my email about Mr Hunter?

  4. this was so entertaining, i love you.

  5. Ashley Cole has a serious problem, but I don't really like Cheryl Cole much either.

    eww Katie Price. Yep her poor daughter will be awful when she is older and Katie Price wants her to be a topless model and get plastic surgery lol.


  6. I couldn't care less about celebrities and their love lives.

    Apparently the Coles' breakup was 'breaking news', on the same level as the Indonesia tsunami. WHYYY???

    Woo football, woo liverpool or chelsea or whatever. I know nothing about teams. I support Japan when they play the world cup 'cuz I like their goalie and that's it.

    Rosa must hate you, since she hates liverpool and loves chelsea.

  7. ya vicki i memiled u bout mr hunter thing so read that

    ya laura i hate ashley cole soo much but i like cheryl but i am sure she is a twat anyways but i absolutley hate katie price

    i mean the daughter PRINCESS is barely five i think nd sh gets her hair straightened and fake eyelashes!!!!!

  8. hahaha esme

    knowing u wd get pissed at these kinds of things is quite funny


    well its a good thing rosa dusnt have a blog because i can ramble on bout ashley as much as i like lol

  9. I hate Cheryl
    just thought I'd add that in.

    Ooo, talking about Princess, have you seen Suri Cruise's smudged lipstick? Te he, though saying that, I had a joker style face when I was little from all the jam I ate, so I can't talk.


  10. kassy. I am now going to go on a mission to turn your writing less chavvy. although i must say i see some improvement! lol! btw like the post. <3

  11. Kasthuri. I hate to pick out imperfections in your blog, however, im going to.

    Today aside, Chelsea are not at all doing badly, don't add in gossip that is entirely untrue. Not only is this entirely untrue but it is also absolutely nothing to do with Ashley Cole and his split from Cheryl. Ashley Cole undertook ankle surgery last week and has not played for Chelsea (due to injury) for about a mont...h, and will continue to NOT play for Chelsea through the rest of the season. Cheryl, although she may have understandable rights over part of his anatomy, does in no way control whats on the bottom of his legs. Despite losing to Manchester City (in a very interesting match, I wonder if 'bossycowgossiper' has any idea why?) earlier today, Chelsea remain top of the Premier League, currently 16 points ahead of your 'beloved' Liverpool.

    "I am liverpool supporter so I am fine". May I just add in the fact that the Liverpool captain was very lucky to have been (wrongly)cleared of a serious assault charge earlier last year and was lucky not to have been prisoned. Or does your blog and your infinite knowledge of football truly regard that as 'fine'? John T...erry has a stadium full of Chelsea fans, and also a career displaying an envyable collection of football trohies behind him.

    NOR is it at all true that everyone is going to side with Cheryl. She lost all my respect by only making the decision to divorce him when she has made the absolute most of the fame and publicity she got out of his marriage, and using HIS name has founded a music career and sold countless CDs displaying his name on the ...front. I don't know what went wrong in their marriage, but I would never make judgements about the ex-couple like that, Ashley may have been at fault but Cheryl is definitely not all smiles and loveliness, haven't there been things to prove that in the past?? Be careful what you say, and don't make your judgements too quickly.

    Ashley Cole remains the best left-back in the world, with or without his marriage to a controversial pop star. When he starts playing again he will recieve the full support of people who understand football and who understand loyalty, who appreciate Ashley Cole as a fantastic defender.

    And to Esme - Rosa doesn't hate anyone, only information that is unjustified and untrue.Rosa. x

    THAT'S ROSA BTW, she couldn't comment.

  12. this is for basia

    well i am sorry but i have improved drastically if i may add

    btw i did not know you had a blog send me ur link lol

    and thanks for liking my post!!!!!

    i will improve slowly but surely lol


  13. oh some strong emtotions running for rosa !!!!

    well ya ok i dnt know much about football and for that matter much bout chelsea or liverpool

    but as far as i care and the ret of the world for that sake ashley is a cheating footballer who aint that good looking to start off.

    and ok maybe my knowldge on footall isnt up to your standards but as far as i am concerned your being a hypocrite because up until a month ago u were still in love with cheryl and aspired to be her.

    but now shes split up with ashley your turning on her and calling a two faced cow and in what way is that fair ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    as well as that cheryl ok uses the name cole but to be fair she never gain any credits for being ashley's wife but more for being in girls aloud which made her a judge on xfactor

    and as far as i can see your being a hypocrite but turning on some one who you absolutley loved.

    and as a matter of fact i have never like ashley and been quite fond of cheryl no matter what and even liked her fashion sense unless it was extreme.

    and i am pretty sure he is NOT the best left back in the world

    ya i am sure people will love a love rat.........

  14. Rosa wanted me to post her comment :

    “she never gain any credits for being ashley's wife”. None? None at all?

    I love Toni Poole, but I supported John Terry. I’m not turning on Cheryl, I’m just defending Ashley. I’m a Chelsea fan, and he’s our first-choice left back. Cheryl’s stylists are genius and whoever makes the decisions for her is some seriously clever person. She’s really pretty, and I even like her music. The only thing I don’t like is how much stick Ashley’s getting for the divorce. I still love her, I’m just Team Ash. I don’t think I’m a hypocrite and I’m definitely not pro-cheating (though I know it might sound like it sometimes, geog trip to swanage what comes to mind!! Thanks KAS!), maybe what I’ve said does sound like I’m being a bit hard on Cheryl and Ok, I apologize for that, it’s probably not fair, I do love her lots. The main problem I had with your blog post was how you said that Ashley Cole’s divorce had affected Chelsea. Abramovich is annoyed, thinking that these scandals are putting a bad reputation on the club, and maybe they are, but Chelsea are a football club and I just think that their players should be judged on how they play football. Which is usually insanely well.

    In answer to “as a matter of fact i have never like ashley and been quite fond of Cheryl” that’s fine Kas, I’ve always loved both of them, feel free to post whatever your opinions are on Cashley and his ex, I promise I won’t respond angrily again. Unless you’re speaking about Chelsea and I have every reason to disagree. Ashley Cole’s a professional, and whatever’s gone on with his life in the papers (be it the money-move from Arsenal, the affair, the divorce…) it has very rarely, if ever, affected his performance on the pitch, which is what counts, and is usually fantastic.

    I’ve saved you a caramel shortbread just so you know I don’t hate you! xx

  15. ps i dont have a blog - just a google account so i can comment :)

  16. haha well rosa sent me an email to follow through so i have read that!!!!

    oooh right ????

    well i will need a post soon but not now

  17. Wow Rosa, Omg you should totally be a lawyer, seriously you have some ass kicking agumentative skills! You could be ashely cole's lawyer! Omgosh
    Kassy your blog is officially the sassyest! :D